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The most recently renovated laundromat in Manhattan Beach awaits you. El Porto Laundry is the top laundromat in Manhattan Beach. We guarantee you will have a great experience getting your washing done in our new clean and modern Laundromat. 

Our Amazing staff is always here to help and answer any questions you may have during your laundry process! Want to save time? Try our Wash & Fold service. Simply drop off and go about your day.  We will contact you when it’s ready for pick up. Come on in and give your clothes the proper clean they deserve at El Porto Laundry, Manhattan Beach.

Our Services in Manhattan Beach

Self Service Laundry

El Porto Laundry wants to make sure you have a great experience while doing laundry. Our spacious facility is filled with tons of washing machines guaranteed to be clean and working and an enormous selection of dryers in a variety of sizes. You can use separate small machines for whites, lights, and darks, and use our giant machines for comforters, sleeping bags, pillows, and all your larger items. All of our machines offer coinless laundry options as well as coin laundry.

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Wash & Fold

We offer the highest quality wash and fold service in Manhattan Beach CA, for all kinds of clothes and fabrics. At El Porto Laundry, we ensure a thorough and hygienic washing for all of your clothes by using the best technology and newest washers and dryers. Stains and concentrated dirt is removed from your clothing with ease due to our commercial grade environmentally safe detergents. All of your washed and dried clothes are properly folded and safely packaged for pick up.

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Pick Up & Delivery

Laundry Pick Up & Delivery. Do you hate doing laundry? Let El Porto Laundry do it for you! We pick up your laundry from your doorstep through our extensive pick-up service and our branded company vehicles. We then wash your clothes with the latest technology and high-quality detergents and softeners to clean all varieties with the utmost care. Once your laundry has been cleaned and folded, we make sure that your laundry gets back to you straight away!

Best Laundry Service

Commercial Laundry

Our Commercial Laundromat service offers an efficient and seamless experience while washing your commercial items. The Commercial service by El Porto Laundry allows you utilize amazing laundry professionals by using our service. All of our laundry machines are brand new which will make your items come out clean and smelling great every time!


Air BnB Laundry

El Porto Laundry is well equipped to help Short Term Rental owners and managers with customizable laundry services. We save time and money on their turnover. The average residential washer and dryer hold 18lbs and takes ~2 hours to complete a single load. Our Commercial equipment can wash and dry loads up to 60 lbs in just over 1 hour. We work with owners and manager to come up with a laundry service plan that best serves their needs. We ensure every tenant has a clean and consistent experience.


Salon & Spa Laundry

El Porto Laundry’s Salon and Spa Services ensures that towels, sheets, and robes match the high quality of service provided by our Clients. From our hygienic cleaning process to expert folding, we free our clients from worrying about laundry so they can put all their focus on their clients. We assist clients from single chair operators to large facilities. We help customize a solution that works best for your needs.

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Our Happy Clients

Miranda Snyder

Rosa is awesome I say that the service is ten out of ten. Happy Holidays Rosa. El Porto Laundry is a very good location.

Ian M.

Very clean and the staff was attentive. The fluff and fold service was quick and my laundry has never been cleaner.

G Espinoza

Really nice facility. Super easy to use machines and coinless

Breada Farrell

Super laundry!!! Everything is cool and new, and friendly staff

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